Worldwide Education Service in CISTUDY

Clifton International, we are ambitious Worldwide Education Consulting company that is focused on making the process of studing internationally easier and better for the student. Access to more information and good advice allow the student to have a more effictive adn efficient time spent in the UK/USA/CANADA. We will offer students effective solutions for their educational need, time and cost.

While Clifton International remains at the forefront of student requirements and consultancy services our faculty in all discipline uses research and innovation to direct pupils to cater to their specific needs of higher education. This is on account of our strategic alliance with various British/America/Canada universities and highly trusted colleges. The academic aim is to make a pathway and direct its students with quality education offers leveraging its partners real time experience in latest technologies. Hence, KA has made a major commitment to academic excellence. It is in the process of introducing new courses and widening further opportunities in key programmers with more universities.

For international students, we understand that moving to a foreign country can be daunting and initially living away from home can be lonely. We would like to provide them with as much information as possible so the students and their careers or parents can make an informed decision before to coming to the UK/USA/CANADA. We aim to help international students settle in adapt to life in the UK/USA/CANADA and learn about the UK/USA/CANADA's customs and culture. We want them to feel supported and to feel at home.

We aim for each of the student's experience to be enjoyable and memorable.

Clifton international will be provide ethical and cost effective services in education sector to all international and local students in order to get market leader in Worldwide Education Consultancy services by 2016