Study in the UK

Thousands of international students every year choose to study in the UK because of its high standard of education, affordable courses, and better job prospects.  

The process of getting in the UK is not easy as there are many steps; like choosing the desirable course at the right university, completing the admission process, looking for a living space, and most importantly the UK student visa process.  A simple mistake can jeopardize your chance of studying in the UK for good. This is where Ci Study Ltd can help you with fulfilling your lifelong dream.

How we can help to get admission to a UK University?

We are the official agent of the British Council who helps the local students finding the right university and the suitable course track. Since 2005, we have helped thousands of International students getting admission in reputed universities in the UK and other western countries.  Our process is straightforward. We find top universities in the UK for our students according to their requirements. We take care of all the stressful tasks and ensure that the students get admission quickly without going through any problematic step. We also help them in visa application and accommodation support. In short, we are offering a complete solution to International students to study in the UK for their better future.

Why study in the UK from Bangladesh?

When it’s come to study abroad, International students have a lot of options available and they can travel to many different countries for higher studies. Why one should choose the UK for the study is a valid question? Let’s take a look at different factors which make the UK one of the best countries to study for the International Students.

  • The global leader in education: According to the QS World University rankings rating, the UK has four out of six best universities in the world. This means that the standard of education in the UK is high, and it will help you to lend dream jobs easily. This also allows the international students to get admission to their dream university in the UK.
  • International reputation: An international student always chooses a country whose education should be recognized abroad and home country, as it opens more opportunities for international students. The education of Britain is recognized worldwide by employers, universities, and even government departments too. This is also one of the reasons which make UK universities popular all around the world.
  • Value of money: The universities in the UK offer value of money in terms of affordable courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate and generally somehow shorter than those abroad. This reduces the amount of money which students need to pay as tuition fee and also make the living expenses low. So, if you are from any part of the world and looking for an affordable solution yet wants to study abroad, the UK is the answer.

That’s not it, studying in the UK give more benefits to international students. They can improve their English (the UK is the English speaking country) and experience the multi-cultures too as you can literary found students from every country of the world easily.

Necessary steps to study in the UK

There are many steps that involve making it happened to study in the UK from all over the world. Many students who are fully qualified to study in the UK failed to understand these steps and also failed to arrange the required documents on time to the different universities for admission. Due to this, the students do not lose hope to study in the UK but also money and time. As qualified agents, we can make the whole process for them very easy and fast.

Following are the steps which we follow for you to make your entry confirmed to the UK:

  • Step 1: Select the course of your previous educational background and your requirements to study in the UK
  • Step 2: Find the university which is offering this course in affordable tuition fee in coming sessions
  • Step 3: We will fulfil all the admission requirements of the university on your behalf to make admission confirm
  • Step 4: Deliver the admission letter from the University of the UK to verify the admission and process for Visa

Once your admission has been confirmed, you can then apply for the UK student visa. We will assist you in the whole process to make things easy for you.

Documents required for UK University application

Every university in the UK has its own requirements of documents when it’s come to admission. For undergraduate and postgraduate, there is almost a similar list of documents that the students have to submit to get admission in the UK. Generally, they required the following documents

  1. Scan copy of passport
  2. Scan copies of educational certificates
  3. Scan copies of educational mark sheet
  4. Statement of purpose (SOP)
  5. English profiviency certificate (IELTS,TOEFL, Duolingo, PTE, MOI etc)
  6. Job experience letter (if required)
  7. Other supporting documents.

Those students have successfully completed a Degree which was taught in English or those students who obtained a degree from English speaking countries will exampt the English requirement.

How Much does it cost for studying in the UK?

The study cost in the UK for the students depend on different factors. These factors include the choice of university and course. Generally speaking, a student should keep in mind the study budget between £9,250 to £12,250 per year. This cost does not include living expenses. Science courses, like Medicine, would cost more tuition fee per year.

Can I study in the UK with free or full scholarship?

International students can study in the UK for free by pursuing scholarship options. Many universities, organizations, and the government of the UK offer Scholarships and Grants to international students which cover their complete tuition fees and living expenses. The University of Bristol, University of West London, Cambridge University, University of London, Sheffield Hallam University, and many other universities have a special quota system for international students when they announce the scholarship.

How Can I apply for student visa in the UK?

There are different steps involve when it comes to applying for a UK student visa. The student first needs to find the university that is offering their required course, confirm the admission from the university, and then prepare the file for the UK student visa.You must apply online for a Student Visa.You will need to have your fingerprints and photograph taken at a visa application cntre as part of your application, in order to get a (to get a biometric residence permit).You may be able to get your visa faster or other services depending on what country you are in – check with your visa application centre.

You may need to attend a short credibility interview as part of your application.

Learn more about it, you should contact our student consultants for a Free Consultancy today.

How can I get Scholarship?

Commonwealth Scholarship offers UK scholarships to international students. This scholarship is limited to students who are applying for a PhD and a Master’s degree in the UK. There are a limited number of slots available for the students. Student’s education history plays an important role to choose the most deserving student for the scholarship. Many universities in the UK also offer Scholarship 1000 Pounds - 5000 Pounds max to International students. You can get in touch with us to get more information about it.

How much does a student earn in the UK?

International students in the UK are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week maximum. On average, the students make from £200 to £300 per week by working part-time in the UK. This is enough income for international students to bear their university tuition fees. During the offseason and weekends, the student may work extra. They are allowed to work within the university or outside.

How much bank Balance is required in the UK?

Bank statement depends on university fee and the location. For a student who is applying for a university which is located inside a city like London, then there is a need to show a bank balance of £12,006, where outside of the city, the minimum balance is required to show is £9,207. The other way to know about the bank statement is tuition fee + living expenses. Students need to show the full tuition fee in their bank account for 28 days. They can then transfer it back to any other account.

How can I get a scholarship in London?

While there are several options that are available to get a scholarship in London but among them, the easiest and quickest way is to get it from the university. For this purpose, you need to visit individual university websites and check their scholarship program information including the basis of criteria on which they grant the scholarship. We already have a database of universities in London and can make the scholarship process fast for you. Write to us at


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