Right student in the right place for the right time

CI study prioritizes the importance of putting right student in the right place for the right time. According to the needs of students, the firm scrutinizes academic record, voluntary skills, and key qualifications that are valued by international universities. It also asks student to share their GMAT, IELTS, and GRE scores if they have participated in admission test. Admission guidance is triggered by reliable and valid information offered by universities. CI study has link with many universities in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Having a vast knowledge and experience as well as valuable resources, it is easy for the firm to put right candidate at the right university.

About Us
About Us

Evidence based and scientific career counselling

Career is closely associated with financial, and psychological aspects of an individual. According to career management theory, job satisfaction occurs when individual skills and attributes do not match with workplace characteristics and needs. At CI study, we provide evidence based and scientific career counselling to students according to their needs and demands. We also offer psychological and aptitude test so that an individual can understand own ability to satisfy key requirements of a particular job. In order to stand out from the crowd, we encourage students to select right career pathway. Our experts provide guidance to students so that they can get their desire job with the least effort and the lowest cost.